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What do you do at a juggling convention?
If you are new to the juggling scene then you've probably heard about the BJC & may be wondering what goes on.

How Kevin started juggling
Read about how our founder got started in juggling.

How Orin started juggling
Not to be outdone here's how I came to TWJC.

My first juggling performance
Going down in a blaze of humiliation.

Getting my act together
A bit about my first act I performed in a real show.

A few thoughts about practising
I've done quite a bit of practising in my time & gone through a few different styles in the process. Here is a brief collection of thoughts on the matter.

A moment of clarity
...which just struck me.

Orin learns a two diabolo trick
An EPIC tale of courage, ingenuity & triumph over adversity. Probably as stupid as it sounds, but you may get something about how I go about learning a trick from it.

Inventing new tricks
A few pointers on how to come up with something new.

Giving Blood for the first time
All about my first experience of giving blood. Nothing to do with juggling I know but important all the same.

TWJC Newsletters
PDF copies of all our old newsletters for an overload of nostalgia.

Show Reviews

Another visit to the Royal Albert Hall to see Cirque Du Soleil's Dralion.

Cirque Du Soleil's longest touring show at the Royal Albert Hall.

Barnum On Ice
A very classy show with the Russian Ice Stars.

The Chinese Imperial Circus
A review of a very fine show indeed.

A night with Rod Laver
Ping-pong ballist & hat manipulator extraordinaire & general nice guy Rod Laver popped in to show us a few things.

To round off the year 2000 a group of us went to see Cirque Du Soleil's brilliant production, Quidam.

Fire Walk 2000
5 brave TWJC members walked across burning embers for charity.

Spice of Life Charity Show
An account of our brilliant performance at the Assembly Halls Theatre.

Viva! Yar de yar de yar!
An account of the Almaviva Opera Society's production of Smetana's The Bartered Bride which featured a few TWJC members.

Diary Stuff

From almost the start of 2000 all the way to the end of 2004 I kept a journal of everything that went on at TWJC. I am amazed I stuck at it as long as I did.

All of 2000
All of 2001
All of 2002
All of 2003
All of 2004

Then I had a break.

Some of 2007
All of 2008
All of 2009
All of 2010
Some of 2011

Then I carried on posting about TWJC at the Juggling Edge.


Chocolate Brownies
Recipe for another chocolatey TWJC favourite.

Easy Chocolate Fudge
A very easy recipe.

Blue Berry Tea Bread
A healthy superfood baked in butter & sugar.

Chilli Vodka
Danger Will Robinson! The substance that almost crippled Peewee during Renegade at the British Juggling Convention 2002 in Whitstable.

General Nonsense

A picture of the Pope
A photo of the Pope during a visit to the UK.

The First Tunbridge Wells Flash Mob
A slightly surreal experiance down in The Pantiles.

The Great Monkey Man Phenomenon
The name of Tunbridge Wells shot around the world in 2003 thanks to possibly the world's greatest Hoax.

Kevin's Water Feature
Every juggler should have one of these in their garden.

Down Winter Coats
Just when you think you've heard it all.

Smiling like a lunatic
It's amazing what a camera will do to a normal (well...) person.


Anything can be filed under 'miscellaneous'.

Around Tunbridge Wells
So to be clear, the USA is bigger than the Cosmos, & Tunbridge Wells is bigger than the USA?

Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics
The lyrics to the essential convention song.