Smiling Like a Lunatic

Pic - A normal day in the office at Abbotts

I work at Abbott Group Ltd. & a while ago David Grooms left for pastures new. For one of his leaving presents we decided to get a group photo put on a mouse mat for him. We managed to sneak into one of the conference rooms without being noticed for ten minutes where we took this picture. Afterwards many people commented on how excited I looked kneeling down in the foreground. I was just very happy to be allowed away from my desk for a short break. You'll note that Mr Phil Balder at the back on the left is also showing a generous amount of enthusiasm but the general consensus is that I just clinch it. Apologies to Donna Fuller for getting your pregnant belly published on the internet, but at least we can't see your ankles.

However, recent research has brought new evidence to light. As can be seen from the small selection of pictures below, my expression was not just a one off. Everyone who knows me will be able to vouch that I don't normally look so manic so it can only be assumed that my appearance must be something to do with the camera.

Pic - Tasj & me,my dinner lady & me & me at the circus

I'd just like to mention that other TWJC members should be thankful that I am drawing attention away from themselves. While flipping through my old photos I found all sorts of embarrassing pics & not just of Danny Colyer (who everyone has a nude picture of). Bryn playing on the climbing frame in York, Dave A. asleep against a notice board with a sign saying "Beware, this man has been seen in the area...", Dave L. looking like Captain Scarlet at the weekend, Pete & the foreign student... I could go on & on. But then again only the photographer saw my impression of Errol Richardson...