Juggling Lifestyle Quiz

This test takes into account how juggling fits into your life rather than how good you are at juggling, so even people who can't do solid 5 club back crosses while bouncing a ball on their head can score highly. All of the questions below are true of people I know or have met during my year's in the juggling community.

To complete the test work your way down the list ticking all the statements that apply to you.

You possess

You have juggled

You consider

Things you do

You & the internet

You have performed

You know

To you - (insert the following) - is not a load of jibberish

You are

You understand

You can

Your juggling has caused

You have

You & the medium of video


Big thanks to all who have suggested additions to this quiz, particularly Scott Seltzer, David Sallee & Richard Kandarian.

My scores over various updates:

21st August 2003 60.82%
13th Mar 2004 67.19%
8th July 2010 68.21%
4th September 2011 68.94%