Juggling Notations

A useful link if you want to play around with some of these notations: Printable Graphpaper - make your own .pdf file covered with dots. Ideal for drawing out siteswaps or causal diagrams.


Misconceptions about siteswap
Many people visiting this site will probably need to read this page first. There are a lot of false ideas floating round in the juggling community regarding siteswap so I thought an anti-disinformation page would be useful. Once you've read this you can start again from scratch.

This article describes the very basics of siteswap that are used in all its forms. If you are thinking 'vanilla siteswap' then go back & read the Misconceptions about siteswap article.

Siteswap axioms
How to make new siteswaps from old.

Siteswap Calculator
Now that you've learned all about siteswap, you are now allowed to cheat & use this calculator to do the thinking for you.

Anagram Siteswap Calculator
I made this in response to a request on rec.juggling for a method of finding valid anagrams of other siteswaps. This app lists all the anagrams of a specified string that are valid siteswaps.