TWJC Diary 2008

23rd December 2008

By Orinoco

It was good to catch Bloco Fogo performing out in the precinct. They really are ace.

It was the last TWJC of 2008 which meant more chocolate. Kudos to Dr Bob & Karina for their lovely homemade efforts. Daniel managed the bird again just to rub it in. Strangely for an end of year meet up most of us actually did quite a lot of juggling, Dave L, Simon, John, Bob & myself all shrugged off our apparent ADD to spend 20 minutes on a single passing pattern. We had one feeder doing a sweep feed to 4 feedees, a feedee on the end would peel off to the other side after every 2nd sweep. The constant changing between 4, 6 & 8 count was pretty confusing & if you were in the middle of the 4 feedees you didn't always know whether you were about to be on the end or not. Our inability to form a circle also hampered us somewhat. Good fun though.

The next TWJC meet will be on the 6th of January 2009. Jo will be sorting out a Christmas meal for some point in the new year.

16th December 2008

By Orinoco

It was good to be back after missing TWJC for 2 weeks. I managed to knock a kid off his vigorboard & knocked John's drink flying. I don't think I was missed. I was told that Daniel has spent the last 2 weeks fiendishly trying to do the Bird with his kendama but alas without success. Bob & I had a good bash at passing 8. Nicky & I had a very productive acro session even if everything seemed really hard work. I've got a feeling that Jo purposefully is turning up early to cut our juggling sessions short.

9th December 2008

By Orinoco

I spent most of the evening at the roulette table & managed to turn £150 into £570. Woo!

2 December 2008

By wooyayjohn

Numbers were a little on the low side tonight.

Helen returned after a few weeks absence. Mr K had a stinking cold and Karina had made enough of a recovery to make the pub after juggling.

Beth and Simon passed some very nice ultimates.

Cat Charlie gave me a few tips on the snakeboard. I didn't get very far although did manage to amuse Kevin and Jenny. I will persevere.

23 December has been deemed party night - bring food and drink.

26th November 2008

By Orinoco

Gaėtan supplied the baked goods for his last night at TWJC before he swans off travelling around the world. His first stop will be Hong Kong, I had hoped to provide details of the River Buskers Festival which alas turns out to be in Singapore, still it's only a sort hop over the South China Sea... au revoir monsieur, you will be missed. Until whichever festival we see you again.

I am still in the process of remembering how to juggle 7 balls (does anyone else remember me being pretty good at it 5+ years ago or is it just me?). Mr K & I discovered a neat take out handshake which is easily the coolest trick ever invented. Nicky has started showing off kendama moves to people when she thinks I'm not looking. John succumbed to the lure of kendama as well. Frag & Simon spent most of the evening trying to hook a helium balloon from the ceiling using various combinations of various juggling kit. The sensible ones among us left for the pub before someone lost a limb.

18th November 2008

By Orinoco

On the night of 18th November 2008 at 20:41 (I was not quick enough to get a more accurate time check) I managed to successfully pull off Uguisu (the Bird). All other news from this evening is insignificant. Dave L, Dave K & Simon ran around lots. Laurence struggled to pick up clubs while on Powerisers. Nicky & I found an intersting new way to snap her legs & dislocate my shoulders. Dave K beat Beth round the legs with a club, lucky for Beth I didn't let slip that actually her trousers taste similar to the walking globe.

11th November 2008

By Orinoco

Beth's trousers almost matched the walking globe. Gaėtan is getting very smooth with his 3 club over the shoulder throws. Nicky turns out to be very good at takeouts. Snakeboard tug of war is not the a game of skill, I thought it would be. Dave L, Simon & I had a very nice runaround. Err... all in all, a truly eventful night that no one will forget (What else went on? Was I even there?).

4th November 2008

By Orinoco

I've managed to get pretty solid at doing runs of 3 reverse backcrosses with clubs, not sure I've been practising it that much, 4 or more still feels really hard though. Marcus managed to pull off a penguin catch of the kendama with the ball balanced on the end cup. Mr K is getting a bit too used to attention & was caught waiting for an ovation at the door. Our acro session was pretty poor this week & mostly consisted of Nicky & Helen being dragged along the floor. Still it was nice to finally get a Swallow to work really well for the first time in ages. Cat baked cookies to comemorate His & Karina's 1 year anniversary. All together now: Aahh!

28th October 2008

By Orinoco

Kevin incorrectly believes that Avenue Q is not juggling music. Charlie was spinning his staff with no regard for the proximity of Karina. Marcus is getting pretty consistent with swinging the kendama round with the ball on the end cup. Beth was picking up juggling balls the hard way while hula hooping. Alastair was visiting from Leeds & showed John some new passing tricks & directed a four person effort with Simon & Dave L. which to the untrained eye looked a little bit like four people holding clubs & swapping places while not juggling.

Daniel Craig is "the shortest actor to play the role of James Bond, despite being relatively tall standing at 5 feet and 11 inches."

21st October 2008

By Orinoco

We were a bit quieter this week without the scouts. I had a bash at 7 balls which I haven't played with for months & managed a few respectable runs. Nicky & I had an immensely droppy passing session, but at least none of our passes connected with any laptops. Dave K came in all excited with a few new takeout ideas which included a neat grab-pirouette-replace move which worked flawlessly one way but Dave couldn't seem to stop spinning when he twirled the other way. Dave L received much heaped praise for his latest latest TWJC video. We're all Youtube stars now!

14th October 2008

By Orinoco

I thought I was in the wrong hall as I walked through the door to see over a dozen scouts patiently standing to attention at the near end of the hall. They were all looking a bit uncomfortable so I thought it was best to invite them into the coffin full of equipment & just get stuck in. Well done to Kev, Pete & Marcus (all the veterans from way back when we used to run workshops at various local events - big up the old school workshop massiv!) who helped with the lion's share of demonstrating & teaching. I think all the scouts came away having learnt something, & some definitely went away feeling pretty inspired with what can be done beyond the basics.

I have little idea what went on outside of the scout circle...

7th October 2008

By Orinoco

Dave L & I had a bit of a pass & managed some pretty impressive compound errors that eventually cancelled each other out. Simon challenged me to do a double earth turn with the kendama which I managed in 3 attempts which elevated my level of chuff enormously. Gaėtan is getting very good at various 3 ball body throw combinations. Nicky spent the whole evening wearing a Nils Poll gaining her an extra 0.7%. Beth juggled & span a hula hoop while standing on Dave K's shoulders, (video footage hopefully forthcoming courtesy of Mr L).

30th September

By Cat Charlie

Lots of people wasnt here, not much happened.

All in all, a truly eventful night that no one will forget.

23rd September 2008

By Orinoco

It was good to see Simon back from Japan (hasn't he grown?!). Elliot has now received more spontaneous rounds of applause than any other TWJC member & it's only his second week. Dave dropped Helen on her head. Daniel has started to learn five balls. Dave K is getting really good at the Peugeot on both sides. Dave & I got silly & tried to do a 2 person half pirouette while passing back to back. Dave L was seen riding a unicycle, apparently he still can. Frag is now freemounting with a look of terror, followed by great relief as he rides away.

16th September 2008

By Orinoco

There was a lot of admonishing of those who did not turn up for the Kevention. Some people have no concept of prioritisation. Andrew has been beavering away at learning how to spin a rope around his body for a few weeks now & has got pretty good at it, so I figured he was about ripe to ask how it was done. I managed a few not brilliant but not unrespectable goes. The hardest part was figuring out how to hold the thing. We had a number of newbies this evening, the family that had the (mis)fortune of sitting next to us at the circus on Thursday popped in. The youngest member (called Errr according to Kev) enjoyed the snake & vigor boards, he had a good grasp of various three ball stuff & was fantastically good at backward somersaults from a standing start. We also had a trio of young girls who found out about us from the website (where's my commission?) who seemed to enjoy what little acro stuff Nicky & I could show them. They also showed us a nice move similar to the swallow which we shall have to work on. I got completely trounced by young Daniel in a moshi kame-off. I think we need to discuss a minimum age limit for TWJC.

9th September 2008

By Orinoco

This week saw the Great Facial Hair Cull with both Andrew & Dave's moustaches being shown the razor. Uguisu is still impossible. Nicky & I had a few attempts at some acro but for some reason really struggled to even hold the really basic poses. I managed some really nice handstand stuff though. Dave L & I had a go at passing 7, 8 & 9 clubs, 7 & 8 worked really well but 9 is still very elusive. Both of us had the opportunity to watch each other's passes sail off into the distance at various points of the session. Cat & Karina are just learning to pass & asked me to see what they were doing long. This lead to a counting lesson & if it still hasn't sunk in by next week then they'll have to watch House of Flying Daggers again.

2nd September 2008

By Orinoco

I spent the first half an hour trying to perform moshi kame in both hands simultaneously. There was a dramatic flying unicycle to unattended camcorder on a tripod interface which saw most of the hall watch as the camera started to fall while Gaėtan heroically leaped into action to save the day. Best catch I've ever seen him make! Andrew (complete with new facial hair arrangement) was playing with a new spinning rope. Last week he learnt the basic spin, this week he tried the full round the body twirl. Early attempts saw Andrew throwing the rope round his shoulders as if he was putting on a shawl then getting tangled up. By the end of the evening he was spinning like Will Rogers & moseying round the hall in leather chaps. To help him in his learning of this new trick Mr K & I took turns iun trying to crawl in under the rope & stand up inside the loop which was largely unsuccessful. Mr K & I taught passing guru Dave how to run in a 3 count feed. Strange considering that it was passing guru Dave that taught the trick to Mr K & me...

26th August 2008

By Orinoco


Nope, can't remember. We probably juggled a bit.

19th August 2008

By Orinoco

I walked into the hall expecting to torment Kevin about not making it to Crawley Circus Festival only to find that most of the festival seemed to have turned up for TWJC as well! The hall was full to bursting point with pretty much a full contingent from TWJC, the Colyer Horde & The French™. Dave & I finally managed to work out the 2 step takeout combination that we've seen Steve & Dave do at the workshop in Crawley for the past 3 years, I found focussing on grabbing 2 clubs at the same time almost impossible but Dave was a master, we called in Andrew to perform a later takeout on the third club as well which was fantastic. Basch drew lots of attention with his beautifully graceful club juggling & manipulation. Carinne impressively demonstrated how mobile she can be walking on her hands despite a recently broken shoulder. Charlie & Karina spent much of the evening on the stone floor at the back of the hall chasing their recently acquired bouncers around the room. Charlie hasn't quite learnt the force in forced bouncing as she tends to start off standing upright then bends lower & lower as the pattern progresses. With a hall full of people gladiators was inevitable & was lots of fun. With Danny back it was nice to see someone put up a decent fight against Beth when it came to unicycles, didn't really stop her though.

All in all it was a really nice & unexpected extension to the Crawley festival.

& for those that didn't know (Charlie 1) here's the Juggling Lifestyle Quiz.

12th August 2008

By Orinoco

Everyone has had their hair cut. Passing guru Dave regained some of his guru status by demonstrating considerable aptitude at 8 clubs with partner Simon (Team Leech Canning?) Far better than Dave & I (Team KindElf).We also had a bash at 9 club passing which we haven't tried for years. I remember running out of clubs & having time to watch everything sail way over my head last time to. I managed a very respectable run as the feeder in an ultimate feed to 3 feedees all doing 3 count. Nicky, Charlie 1 & Karina were all passing balls with not a few girly shrieks, no sheikhs though.

Kevin won't be going to Crawley :(

5th August 2008

By Orinoco

Hurrah for the return of Kevin. I think he was slightly relieved to see that TWJC still existed after leaving it in my care for his 2 week absence. He doesn't know that I did misplace last Thursday but found it again on Friday morning. Nicky improved her take out ability greatly after I suggested that she stand outside of my pattern rather than inside of it. Passing guru Dave orchestrated Simon, Beth & Andrew into a 4 person N feed where the feeders do 2 count (quickly) & the feedees do 3 count (slowly, or stoccato in Andrew's case). Andrew's trousers smell of apples.

29th July 2008

By Orinoco

We were a little bit low on attendance this week as people fled from the tyranny of my expansive feet. We now have conclusive proof that holding Nicky upside down causes her to come out with blood spots. Excellent, she gets to be the base & I become the flyer! Andrew, the Daves & I had a go at the ultimate feed to 3 feedees doing 3 count that makes up part of the urban terror feed which is just as manic as I remember it. Andrew has moved from spilling his drink to simply forgetting where he put it.

Crawley 2008 Kettle of Fish Line up

By Orinoco

Show lineup announced for Crawley Circus Festival 2008:

Compere: Sam Veale (Woo!)

Gemma and Telma Chinese Pole

GJ Ball juggling on table

Guillermo Porta Gomez

Tiina Tuomista Handstand

Reuben Cohn-Gordon Ball juggling (really good at this year's BYJOTY)

Victor Club Juggling

Amber and Emily Doubles Trapeze (comic)

Victor and GJ Hitmen club passing

Massi & Tiago Acrobatics

Craig Hula Hoop Elvis

22nd July 2008

By Orinoco

In a break from the norm here we have a video entry instead of the usual words courtesy of Dave L:

My feet are enormous.

15th July 2008

By Orinoco

If things carry on as they are we are going to need a bigger hall. There were loads of people whizzing around on (snake|vigor)boards. Kev & I worked our way through the form required to renew the club's savings bond for another year which seemed to consist predominantly of redundant questions. A few people commented that Simon's 5 clubs on triples was getting better, personally I think he should have got it solid by now. Daniel bought my snakeboard, "Would you accept £15?", he asked, "I'll accept £10". I think I may have got this haggling thing a bit wrong. Andrew hurt his back so only managed to make it to the pub. Excitement is building for Crawley: only 28 days to go! Jo seems a bit nervous about it for some reason. Maybe she's apprehensive about buttering her sandwich incorrectly.

8th July 2008

By wooyayjohn

Kevin was very happy as lots and lots of people turned up to TWJC this week (24? more?).

The new people seem very enthusiastic (I really should make an effort to say hello and find out some of their names). Rob from Hastings returned with A N Other (possibly/probably as a result of Kevin's and Jon's expedition to Hastings last Friday).

Beth donated some musical tubes to the club. The best use we found for them was a game where we hit each other over the head in an organised fashion (you had to be there to understand). The novelty of the game wore off fairly quickly.

Nicky and Jon practiced some advanced acrobalance and Bob's handstands are progressing really well.

Much club passing took place (unfortunately I couldn't participate as my hands hurt too much following falling over while on a training run, was able to juggle balls though so that was just about OK).

Further details of the Kevention were announced (Kevin had printed up a flyer).

And that's the evening as I recall.

1st July 2008

By Orinoco

What a night of failures. Dave & I seem to have lost the ability to pass 7 club 3 count. Kevin left the money box behind. 5 club backcrosses are really chuffing hard. I barely managed to keep my shorts from falling off. & as for Andrew's ability to hold onto his drink well...

24th June 2008

By Orinoco

Beth & Andrew made a welcome return from universities. Congratulations to Andrew for getting a first, Beth is still waiting to hear from an old wizened guy in a loin cloth. Kevin & I were just talking about how we hadn't heard from Andrew since Christmas when he walked in the door. Conversation about Angelina Jolie had no such success. I can't remember when the practise of cheering everything Dave L. does started. We had a full kendama circle focussed on trying to remember the full BKC tricklist. Nicky & I had a very productive (& slightly flatulent) acro session. Andrew refused to partake in any handstanding. Several star shaped helium balloons were floating round the hall after someone's birthday (apparently they had a chugga-chugga time, whatever that is), these make a fantastically satisfying boom when jumped on.

17th June 2008

By Orinoco

Little to report this week as I spent a lot of the time actually juggling. Radical Fish bounce *really* well. Mr K, Charlie 2 & myself did some very noisy 3 way shaker cup passing before moving on to hurling the cups like an American football across the hall. Now that is fun.

10th June 2008

By Orinoco

Kevin was practising his 5 clubs way too low. Helen returned from holiday to show off her mild sunburn. Charlie 2 was still throwing shaker cups around but making slightly less noise than last week. I'm not sure if that is a sign of improvement or not. I spent quite some time playing with a 2 club 1 handed multiplexy penguiny sequence which in the end I decided was a bit pants. We did loads of acro gubbins this week Nicky & I got a nice round of applause for a well executed kick up into a swallow. My bendiness has improved greatly this year. All this warming up lark is actually a jolly good idea.

3rd June 2008

By Orinoco

Bob & I played around with micro passing, or passing while standing the minimum distance apart. We got 2, 3 & 4 count & pass pass self running. Then Mr K joined in & we got 3 & 4 count feeding as well. It is a bit manic but lots of fun, with practise I believe it shoul be possible to throw a couple of self triples in 4 count & reach across for a takeout. Alas the Camden centre elevator is a little bit too small to fit 2 jugglers inside. I took a refresher course on the vigorboard & nearly had a heart attack. I also held a handstand in between Dave & Frag's passing for a while until I managed to catch & hold a club between my legs completely by accident. Charlie 2 was introduced to the joys of making lots of noise with shaker cups. Nicky was practising kicking up a hula hoop, Dave & I just kicked the hula hoop around the floor.

27th May 2008

By Orinoco

After coming back from Bungay it seems that according to this blog TWJC didn't happen. It is nice to know that without me the rest of the club goes to pieces. From all other accounts though it must've gone ahead because everyone except those of us who were away knew Rob from Newhaven, he's one of these dedicated types who trains rather than practises. It shows too as he pulled off lots of studly tricks (moves :P) including lots of siteswaps with half pirouettes (180s :P), 5 club multiplex patterns & 6 clubs. I told Mr K that a passing act consisting of tricks within our repertoire paced 2nd in the 'Bungay's got talent' show, we then went on to run through pretty much all of our 7 club patterns pretty much flawlessly. Acro is old hat, passing is where it's at. Except it's not because Nicky & I showed off our new & exciting acro mastery including a jump into a reverse chair, the swallow & the crucifix. TWJC is just too short to fit everything in.

13th May 2008

By Orinoco

I was far too traumatised to do any real juggling so knocked off early to go to the pub instead. While I was there I made the mistake of performing a kick pass to Dr Bob while wearing sandals which was pretty painful. I also came agonisingly close to pulling off a bird with the kendama but couldn't quite hold it still for the required 3 seconds. Bob can't snake as fast as Dave L. Karina was very pink & purple. Charlie 2 wanted to become acquaiinted with the joys that can only be experienced through the music of Shatner (I've said it before & I'll say it again, he is a misunderstood artist, he's a damn good performance poet, not a singer).

6th May 2008

By Orinoco

I managed to get to TWJC early for a change so I ended up doing some solo 3 club practise which I haven't done for ages. Surprisingly I managed a 3 club kick up on the first attempt. I also worked on a pattern which sees a club weaving a figure of 8 through my legs with crossing alberts & same side treblas while everything else does doubles which turns out to be pretty energetic when run for any length of time. Bob drew the short straw & ended up at the bottom of a 4 person acro construct for which the early attempts mostly ended with either Dave or myself flailing like a turtle on its back on top of Bob's stomach.

29th April 2008

By Orinoco

It seems to have become a ritual now that I have to show young Daniel a new kendama trick at the start of the evening for him to practise. I can juggle 5 clubs for a very long time. Mr K & I seem to have regressed in our 8 club passing abilities. Ah well passing is old hat anyway. We were joined by bendy Luke from the newly reformed & extremely difficult to say Worthing Juggling and Circus Skills Club (WJCSCSCSCSCSC) he expanded the acro corner allowing us to create the biggest ball of human appendages & sweat ever seen in the Camden Centre. Oh and just so you know 716 is invalid (the 1 and the 6 collide & there is nothing to throw for the 7).

22nd April 2008

By Laurence

There are sometimes when for no apparent reason I will act on an attention seeking urge. This week for example I made Chocolate Brownies for the club. Then when I arrived I did that eat the apple trick. Later I did one successful round of 97531 and then throwing a ball through a ring etc

Gladiators was on

15th April 2008

By Orinoco

Kendama is really catching on, I had a few more unsuccessful goes at some extremely tricky lighthouse moves including doing Faster Than Gravity but from a ball grip into a lighthouse rather than normal grip & catching the ball on the spike. It has been suggested that we change from TWJC to TWKC. After much practise I managed to get all of 6 catches of 4 clubs with a balance. Simon took requests for 2 diabolo tricks including Dave Ls "really fast thing". Gaėtan is really rather good at the Rubiks cube.

7th April 2008

By Laurence

April Fools day was delayed. The hall had been double booked with the Tunbridge Wells Knitting Society, hundreds of them just knitting while Rick Astleys "never gonna give you up" played on a big screen, it was a nightmare. So we went to the store cupboard, broke out the emergency paintball guns and gently persuaded them to leave. There were no casualties but my left foot was torn off when it got stuck in a paper shredder.

Tuesday 1st April

By Helen

Well everyone was back from the BJC .... was great to hear all about it and see the new purchases..(nice bike cat!) I stand by what i've said before and really do believe i would have almost died if i'd of had to sleep in a tent - really really don't like the cold, and after hearing about the frost on the tents...well i'm glad i missed that bit! . . .however am completly gutted about missing the rest... Sounds like there was some great workshops there this year and you all had a super time... If it is in norwich next year i'll be going in the camper...(yes john S i am a wuss!).. and am looking forward to it muchly so.

It was a good evening, the tightrope made an appearance after not being out for a while, Bob, jon, nix and i had a go at a few new moves out the acro folder which was amusing... with various drops on heads, and there was also a couple of new people... one of which outdid jon on walking on her hands...

..and thats me getting this weeks blog started.... so, what was everyone else up to?..........

25 March 2008

By wooyayjohn

Jon and Nicky had already left for the BJC and the poi people were absent so numbers were a little on the low side.

Simon and I passed some cracking six and seven club stuff with a small amount of progress on eight (we're not quite ready for trying nine yet). Dave and Helen did some very impressive acrobalance, ably spotted by Kevin.

Laurence demonstrated the technique of picking up stuff while on the stilts.

Simon continued working on 180s on the rola bola.

I had to leave early to catch a train so if anyone wants to fill in on what else happened please feel free.


18th March 2008

By Orinoco

It seemed like an age since the last TWJC meeting after last weeks power cut. At long last I got to show off my new homemade beanbags. Newbie Nathaniel was doing some very nice 4 ball mills mess tricks. When he first came in he asked about club passing but I got sidetracked into doing everything else but, so be sure to remind me next time he pops in. Gaėtan called out various 4 ball siteswaps for me to attempt, I was quite pleased to pull off a round of 8441551 on the 3rd attempt 63641 felt pretty good too. Nicky & I spent quite a bit of time passing what was apparently 'sorry count', a pattern where Nicky apologised after every throw. Helen pined for Dave K. & cursed him for wandering off with her lovingly crafted acrobalance folder. Dave L. & Simon played with various 5 ball steals, although they were inexplicably using a toy set of sponge balls which made everything twice as hard as it needed to be. They also had a phenomenal run of 9 club passing. Woo & indeed yay.

11th Of March

By Cat Charlie

John and I arrived at the Camden around quarter to six (yes I know that thats stupidly early) only to find that the building was suffering from a power cut, after a short period of counting out how many members numbers we had, Kevin arrived. Simon, Jon, Nikki, The Poi/Staff couple and Gaetan (there may have been more) also arrived (not in that order) as well as a 'stop smoking' group (who retired to a pub round the roads), a couple of girls from the Yoga class and the teacher from the dance class (who complained left right and center about most sylvin and the old manager).

Simon, John and the Staff guy (god I'm bad with names!) played Frisbee, I attempted Kev's Unicycle (and am getting slowly better) although the temperamental rain meant that most of us sheltered under the door way bit. Kevin and John set off the alarm of the R.V.P. (Royal Victoria Place) by pushing the door and juggling near it. John was doing a five ball cascade in the door way, and 'wrecking his balls' by throwing them up against the arch. John and Simon done some passing making the dance instructor uneasy, John was also passing with Kevin.

Around quarter to eight Nikki, Jon and I perused to spoons followed by the others in dribs and drabs. Helen turned up with a BIG folder containing lots of Acro-balance images and routines, which was looking very organized with tabs for balances of two, three and four or more people.

I drifted off into my own little world of colours, sounds and blurs soon after eating but i was with it to see/hear the waiter/chef telling John three or four times how to pronounce Beef in Portuges or something about Beef and Portuges, and the other 'event' that i was with it for was a rather drunk and slightly Chavy girl causing a commotion then having a go at the waiter who tried to get her to leave.

thats all from me! I'm going to bed! night.

4th march

By doctorbob

Handstand improvement

Unicycling of rapidly increasing goodness by small person

New acro-balance cannon-fodder (surprisingly few caualties)

Rola-bola success

Lack of flying things and ukeleles (ukelelii?)

Occasional juggling

Other stuff

Sundry and uncommon chip condiments

26th Feburary 2008

By Laurence

Helen and I did something which is unbelievable for the club. Pass Juggling with rings! Something I've never seen before at the club.

Karina and I passed 3 balls! While sitting down.

The poi practitioners kindly explained a method to recognize and correct errors with my timing and why my left hand didn't always move the poi in the plane I expected.

Club gladiators at the end. Always a good thing.

Laurence - Experienced at qualifying a zero ball cascade.

Ooops: Forgot to say Big Thanks to Helen and Karina. Thanks to Jon and Kev as well. I think I chose too aggressive a way to write this post. I don't feel I can change it much now. I'm sorry if there are any problems with my tact above. Thanks again to everybody.

26th February 2008

By MrK

Jon's one handed handstand is progressing well. At times he managed to get both hands off the floor for a spot of inverted levitation. Charlie(n) joined Jon in upside-down-ness, strapping his boingy stilt things to his arms and running round the hall, up the walls, and across the ceiling. Acro corner was strangely quiet but fewer people than normal were dropped on their heads.

Young Someone successfully qualified something difficult.

Later, the pub was packed to the gunwales with thugs and tarts.

19th Febuary 2008

By Laurence

No Gladiators like we did the week before. This was sorely missed by me. The usual people did passing and acro corner. I asked Jon whether he could do some ridiculous siteswap like 7770770. Simon showed me how to do helicopter/vertax skipping which is actually quite fun.

We had some group photo's taken. I hid at the back as I was in a mood... In fact I didn't pick up on peoples social cues all evening. I need to practice that.

Thanks to Jon for letting me borrow the Gandini Siteswaps DVD set and answering all my questions. Thanks to Dave L for offering to teach me some Tai Chi.

12th February 2008

By Orinoco

Young Daniel successfully unicycled the length of the hall for the first time this evening. Frag returned with recently brought back to life Vigor board. Charlie 2 was banned from riding it. Also returning from a long absence was Rocky, shame all the poor jokes had to come back too. Excitement continues to build for the BJC, most notably in Kev & myself. The phrase, "it's going to be a good one" is so redundant when talking about the BJC. Laurence & Rob from Hastings did some nice bounce passing with 7 & 8 balls. I introduced Nicky to 54321 count which almost put her into a coma. Charlie 2 just about managed a Karate Kid style crane kick while balanced on the tube of Kev's rola-bola. Dave L. instigated the first gladiatorial session to be seen at TWJC in ages which was lots of fun. I can't believe I only won one game. You're all for it next week.

Crawley 2008

By Orinoco

The dates for this year's Crawley festival have been announced as 15th, 16th & I assume Sunday the 17th. It looks highly likely that the theme will be 'spy'.

5th February 2008

By Orinoco

Bob was extinguishing a candle with his whip. Kevin keeps winding Pete up about his upcoming parachute jump. I showed Dave L. my abysmal 5 ball mills mess, Laurence came over & showed us 615 which coincidentally I just learnt to do on Saturday & I think I have been running it everytime I've picked up some balls since. Gaėtan then showed us 741 which feels very similar to 615, I'll try to learn that one at the weekend as well. Kevin brought in his posh(er) rola-bola which I think has a very short board. We were joined by the Lunastix guys who put down their sticks (stix?) & had a pretty successful go at club juggling. Charlie 2 now knows that a candelabra is called a candelabra.

29th January 2008

By Orinoco

Bob flew Frag's radio controlled helicopter into a wall. Kevin was flipping a devilstick between balances on his left & right handsticks. Mr K. strummed away on his ukelele a lot. Helen, Bob & I did some multi level feeding with a chair. I played with 4 clubs a lot & was please to pull off a couple of rounds of 534 with the 53 as backcrosses. Marcus' tribe fell off unicycles in impressive ways. Charlie 2 joined the handstand practise with an impressive forward kicking launch. I managed my first one armed balance that didn't fail instantly. My wrist still hurts. Mr K. impressively pulled off a Parsva Bakasana on his first attempt.

22nd January 2008

By Orinoco

I had a play with Laurence's easily transportable rola bola which although the tube was a little flexible worked very well. Bob & I had a go at 6 club crossing ultimates during which I realised that I am more than happy to carry on with a pattern that I think is impossible. After enormous amounts of collisions it was proved that it is indeed possible. Charlie 2 bounded around on his powerizers. Charlie 1, not so much. John encouraged some of us to hula the 'wrong way' which although no more difficult feels really awkward at first. Dave L. showed Laurence some yoga stretches, everyone is bendy but me. I'm going for a stretch.

15th January 2009

By Laurence

Low turn out due to rain. I did some pass juggling with Gaetan, our level of passing ability is much improved. Three Ukulele's were plucked mostly to something resembling "Duelling Banjos" or "Come as you are" by Nirvana. Bob's whip makes a very loud echo when there's not many people. Karina and Charlie were doing some moderately friendly cooperative juggling. I get a time-machine and travel a year in to the future. Next year Jon actually can juggle 7 clubs.

Next Week: I bring a rola-bola for Frag. Basketball pump

15th January 2008

By Orinoco

Delays due to much flooding of roads increased my level of hunger to the point that I was chewing on my steering wheel while trying to get home from work. I decided not to risk any of my routes into Tunbridge Wells because my poor little Ka is not fitted with water wings. I can report that there is nothing on TV worth watching on a Tuesday (much like every other day then...). I did a bit of handstand practice though & qualified 7 clubs. Shame no one was there to witness it.

8th January 2008

By Orinoco

It was all a bit stiff after the break for the holidays. The range of movement in my shoulders particularly has noticeably decreased I think. Backcrosses definitely felt a bit uncomfortable. Helen & Dave complained of a dip in fitness during acro as well. I keep telling everyone who'll listen that this Chri$tmas lark is a bad idea. Even so I can still run 5 clubs happily, I had some good passing runs of 8 with Dave & Bob. John & Laurence joined in with some feeding stuff too. Dave L. & Simon were happily running big passing patterns with their enormous floaty passes (7 really is a singles pattern though). Everyone seems to be catching up with my handstand ability, looks like I'm going to have to start seriously training for a one armed balance.