TWJC Diary 2010

21st December 2010

By Cat Charlie

Most of the evening was filled with eating chocolate and sitting/standing near the entrance of the hall.

Tasj came down for the evening, First time in 3 years!!

The kids spent most of the time popping the balloons.

Jon failed to score 53 to secure himself first place, but I wouldn't be surprised if he makes a new rule so that he does come first.

In the pub Kevin had Mulled Cider (Strongbow with spices and a slice of apple) and I think we decided on the Date for the Xmas meal... But you can never tell with jugglers...

14th December 2010

By Orinoco

In between dodging powerbouncers I had a good few runs with seven balls. Dan spent most of the night sitting on a unicycle propped up between two chairs & not moving anywhere despite copious encouragement. Kevin brought chocolate from his Secret Service gig. Young Helen managed to turn up after falling asleep last week & started playing around with a devilstick. Dave L. returned from a trip to 'business' trip to Amsterdam & went through the usual ritual of confirming/denying the national stereotypes.

7th December 2010

By Orinoco

Good to be back! Cat embraced the inner salesman & conned managed to encourage Sara to join in for the night when she was only enquiring about hiring the hall. Simon & I had a good passing session, I don't often get to do much 2 person stuff with Simon for some reason. We did 7 3 count & ultimates, 7 singles left handed, some nice runs of 8 on doubles & 8 singles both right & left handed (which felt really awkward). Chris surprised Natalie by stealing her 3 ball cascade. I thought that never surprised anybody. Many people tried sneaking up behind me during gladiators but all were dealt with swiftly & efficiently.

30th November 2010

By Kevin

A very, very quite night.

Only myself, Simon, young Bradley and young Fred. The Coffin and prop box didn't come out. A bit of juggling and Snake boarding took place but most of the evening was taken up with a new game. Hitting bouncy balls around the hall with juggling clubs as hard as you can.

I was hit on my back and Bradley's dad, Dave I think was nearly hit a few times so he decided to join in.

Myself and Simon went to the pub.

23rd November 2010

By Cat Charlie

The music was working again which is good, but the numbers was low, one of the kids (I don't know their names except Bradly, it was the tall one) was putting his mind to the vigorboard and by the time he had to go home he was getting quite far around the hall.

Ollie was trying to walk on the ladder, although he didn't get too far, kev balanced it on his chin for the kids amusement.

Mr. K came down for a brief passing session with me, in which I came to the conclusion that I need to do more passing. Ollie also did some ball passing with Laurence.

There was no Gladiators this week and pub was in spoons so I didn't go.

16th November 2010

By LouisanotLaura

A fairly quiet night, partly because there was no music. Kev and I did some kendama training. Dennis the Menace was there but wasn't too menacing. People soon lost interest in Gladiators but Paul, Cat and Simon battled on til the bitter end. The results of Gladiators are as follows:

Simon -15

Cat 6

Paul 2

Kev 1

Louisa 2

Jon -1


By Orinoco

Newbie Ollie impressed everyone with his diabolo skills despite his extra long string. He managed to inspire all the kids into practising a bit harder I got to teach Bradley Stirring the Pot. Chris & Natalie returned after a prolonged absence I had to teach him how to pass again including a frightening attempt at ultimates. Laurence's 5 ball lift bounce is looking very nice. The capital of Uruguay is Montevideo. Dave K managed to win a game of gladiators.

2nd November 2010

By Cat Charlie

Well the numbers were a bit low compared to last week...

We still had kids throwing bouncy balls at the wall as hard as they can and trying to catch them again, this is now getting quite dangerous as well as they have added a bigger bouncy ball to their arsenal, which would really hurt if it hit some one (It almost hit Nix at one point, but I don't think that she noticed).

Helen came back after a couple of weeks looking after her rabbit, She had a go at on the snake board.

Simon and Laurence wracked up injuries in the evening gladiators, Simon a small cut on the bridge of his nose (from Laurence) and Laurence got a club in the eye (from Jon), Simon also managed a successful 'yoink' from Jon.

26th October 2010

By Orinoco

We were joined by newbies Chris & Dan who have been in the area for a while but have only just come forward. Both were really keen & already very skilled. Kev showed me some kendama tricks from The Void's column in Kaskade. Dave L compared my attempts at walking on my hands to his kids learning to walk. Pretty soon Dave will receive a size 10 shoe to the face as I crash into him which may or may not be preferable to a grinning toddler. Dave L, Dave K & I (Dave J?) managed to achieve proof of concept status for turning the standard 7 club 534 popcorn into a 10 club 3 person pattern.

19th October 2010

By Orinoco

We had over 300 kids in this week. Or at least it seemed like it. Simon, Laurence & I had an extended Irish Shamrock session where we all improved noticeably on the 6 club version. Simon delighted in pointing out how beautiful his doubles were on the odd occasion that his throws consisted of two spins. Kevin & I shared incredulity at some of the new tricks that will be required for the British Kendama Open. I did manage to successfully land Ura Furiken (reverse swing in) a couple of times which bodes well. Simon cleaned up during gladiators again.

12th October 2010

By Orinoco

Kevin kept knocking himself on the head while trying 5 clubs. Dave L & I did some highly freestyle passing, particularly 6 club ultimates, we also threw enormous triples in 8 club 2 count. Some of them were even caught. Chris battered us with interrupting knock knock jokes. Too many people were swinging poi. Somehow we all managed to lose track of time & ran out of time for gladiators. Some people still do not know who Steve is.

Tuesday 5th October

By Cat Charlie

Paul made a return after being stuck in traffic in London for weeks...

Jon told Helen and me his entire circus history including that he was once a monkey. (not really a shock)

Helen is making good progress on three ball after only three weeks, I said that by four months she should be good a 4 balls, but sadly she may never get the hang of 6 balls... Hopefully she will prove me wrong!

Nix had her hair cut last week but it wasn't mentioned, so I feel that it needs a mention, Its all short, It looks very nice.

Gladiators was good, during which nearly everyone got a point, mainly thanks to Jon and Kevin, Jon for saying "If Kevin withs this next round we all get a point", and for Kevin for winning, although he didn't really have a choice as we all dropped as soon as the game started. *Butterfingers*

Ooh hello!

By Orinoco

Simon brought along his new Sil X balls, they look & feel nice to catch & I found they were good for 5 ball siteswaps but for intricate 3 ball stuff they were useless, I was dropping on patterns I can usually do blindfolded. Newbie Steve seemed strangely familiar. Dave K, Frag & I worked out a really nice three person steal where Dave & I juggled facing each other in time as if passing but without making any passes (which I'm sure we will try to work in next time we try it) with Frag standing to the side like so:

Then with lightning speed & agility Frag would do two early steals of successive clubs the first using his right hand from Dave's left, the second using his left hand from my right. Then the clubs were replaced his right hand club into my left hand, then the left hand club into Dave's right. Then we would cheer loudly. We had a confusing time where sometimes we would switch from non mirrored to mirrored juggling, but that problem oddly ironed itself out when Dave L started watching.

21st September 2010

By Orinoco

Helen came back again. I practised walking on my hands & managed a few controlled steps. Kevin managed 11 throws with 5 clubs. The kids were very chatty with me this evening. One of the lads was getting on well with whip catching the diabolo, the other showed me up by being able to juggle on the vigor board. The young girl was happily playing on the walking globe for much of the night (until Simon hit her with a stray club).

"It's my birthday today" she said.

"Happy birthday."

"I got a new watch."

"That's nice."

"it's worth £85."

Hoorah for consumerism!

I still can't remember any of their names. Simon hit Jenny with a stray club. Kevin & I reminisced about Ronn Lucas. I was doing really well during gladiators until Cat caught me across the face. Turns out I can't play very well with one eye & a concussion.

14th September 2010

By Orinoco

A nice big turnout this evening. Dave & I had some quite alarming success with various 7 club passing patterns which neither of us had practised for months. Newbie Helen did very well to pick up up the 3 ball cascade so quickly. Karina was handing out sparkly costumes. Young Bradley has definitely picked up some good habits from the recent influx of young teenagers & was doing some neat grind combos with the diabolo which was nice to see. Paul was on fine form in gladiators & picked up his first ever aggressive win (ie. taking the last opponent out, not by being the last man standing) with a fine smash through Dave L's pattern. Dave L & I had a few initial thoughts of a new game to play: a juggling assault course time trial based on the 80s show kickstart.

07th September 2010

By Cat Charlie

Last week it was Simons Birthday...

This week it is TWJC's Birthday!

The club has been going for 18 Years! So...

Congratulations to everyone for keeping it running! and an even bigger Congratulations to Kevin for running it for us!

I got there early and sorted out the coffin and other equipment box, so now everything is all nice and tidy! Kev mades some lables as well and stuck them on so everyone knows where all the stuff goes now. This was mainly because the kids were just throwing all the equipment in the boxes, and It was a mess. Speaking of kids there was hardly any down this week, it was just Bradly and that kid with the Diablo... I can't remember his name.

There was also cake... Which Becky made, It contained Kev's entire paycheck work of lint chocolate, but it was very light, gooy and chocolatly. Very nice. Kev also brough down the TWJC scrap books, which were interseting to look at.

Kev had a "firework" that took half an hour to light and sparkled for about 5 minutes major anti-climax....

Cazz turned up again after a long absence.

Simon was continuing his unicycling until he noticed that his crank was all wobbly, so he went on mine after that.

None of the Daves turned up... so no cake for them!

31st August 2010

By Cat Charlie

Well, It was Simon's birthday today, which he got a Unicycle and 5 see-through juggling balls with gel inside of them (to help with contact I think), and Laurence brought some cookies as well as shaving (almost didn't recognise him)

Jon and Nix wern't there so no gladiators...

Apart from that, there was far too many small children running about (in relation to adults), Kevin even told them off for being to dangerous with the juggling rings.

Mr. Leech was trying to figure out how to get a contact juggling trick from it's finishing point to its starting point on the other side (start with two contact balls in the palm of one hand and move the hand up, throwing one into the air and rolling the other over his finger tips, the ball in the air finishes in the palm of the opposite hand, and the other ball sits on the back of his fingers. The hand with the ball in its palm crosses under the other hand, but it is the hand that he wants both contact balls in when he finishes because it is the oppisite hand that the balls started in so he can then do the same trick from that hand. Sorry if this explanation makes no sense, I'm sure that Mr. Leech can show you next week if you ask him nicely.)

Karina and I didn't go to the pub, so if anything good happened there someone else will have to type it up.

24th August 2010

By Orinoco

Oh noes! 4 wombles!

Erm... lots of people, lots of juggling. One of the new kids seemingly can't move his legs while on the snakeboard. Dave L was rendering assistance to the local intoxicated.

17th August 2010

By Orinoco

Kevin was proudly showing off his new pink golf clubs & bag he picked up on Freecycle. I managed 20+ bounces of a golf ball on the sand wedge. Simon's 5 clubs on triples was looking very nice. Louisa (not Laura) doesn't know anything. We were over run with new kids & their diabolos (I'm all for new members but we might need to ban ratchet things) who were very impressed with a 2 diabolo rocket start. I tried walking on my hands for the first time & had moderate success. Chris's passing was a bit more earnest this week.

10th August 2010

By Orinoco

Some of us were still a little dazed & confused after the carnage that occurred at the Crawley Circus Festival. I was joyfully reunited with my clubs who were kidnapped at the weekend. Loads of new people turned up so I ended up demonstrating a lot of diabolo & snakeboarding. I had a go at teaching Chris how to pass, & more importantly teaching him how top pass with me. He didn't take too many clubs to the head but by the end he had twigged that I don't stop for anything. Simon also had a go at teaching Chris to be more earnest with his passing, then to be more earnest with his takeouts. Kev continued hitting himself on the head with his golf clubs.

3rd August 2010

By Orinoco

Everyone was very excited about the upcoming Crawley festival. Kev kept hitting himself in the face with golf clubs. Cat did a fantastic job playing Tetris in the back room, we now have enough space to hold a club meeting in there. Dan popped in for the first time, I showed him some club tricks & various 3 ball factory variations. Gladiators was particularly fierce, I don't think I have ever expended so much energy & taken out so many people yet scored so few points. Still I managed to pick up a bonus point after back heeling a club back into my pattern.

27th July 2010

By Cat Charlie


Paul Kicked the Walking Globe, Apparently it is very hard.


Simon showed us a new trick that he'd invented, It has been dub'd "Simon's Snake"

Rusthall Fete 24th July 2010

By Karina

In attendance were Cat, Jenny, Emily, Chris, Mr and Mrs K and the mini K’s; Laurence, Nix and Louisa (not Laura) and Me.

Cat and I go to the fete at 10.15 to set up our lovely (borrowed from Frag) Gazebo and the TWJC chequered juggling mat. We also blew up lots of balloons to save time later (a mistake as it turned out because they kept popping in the heat!).

The first hour of the fete was very quiet, with no balloons being sold. Cat managed to get a small black fly in his eye while walking around on powerisers, I can just imagine the poor fly’s shock as it flew in to a human eye at over 7ft off the ground. When Laurence arrived things got a bit livelier with Cat and Laurence passing club and balls. As the day went on we gave out quite a few TWJC leaflet to interested people. Hopefully we will see a few new faces in the coming weeks.

We demonstrated lots of different skills as the day went on diablo, unicycle, kendama, Chinese handkerchief spinning; whip cracking, ball and club passing; and even poi (probably a good thing Jon had to work he would not have approved).

About 2 o’clock things got a bit too busy in the balloon modelling department. I had a constant stream of children wanting balloon swords and balloon hats. I enlisted the help of two able balloon apprentices the lovely Jenny and Emily. It took them a while but they were soon making flowers, swords and Jenny even learned to make a dog. Most of our customers were very sweet little kiddies (unfortunately they were accompanied by the occasional VERY grumpy parent “my child has been waiting ages” “haven’t you made my child’s hat yet”. I was very polite and didn’t do as Cat suggested and refuse to serve them for being moany). I have discovered that flower balloons hurt your hands if you tie up too many. I have the blisters to prove it. In the end we sold enough balloon to just about cover the cost of buying them (but I do have quite a few left over if anyone at club wants to have a play).

After a particularly busy period of balloon modelling Nix and Cat were despatched with diablos to the mat in front of our stall to act as child repellent while I rested my ouchy hands. Nix said “I might hit a child” …by this point I was hot stressed and fed up so I replied “that’s the plan, go for it”.

Chris, Cat and Laurence tested out the dirty track using a variety of unicycles and came away without injury, having had lots of fun. However Cat didn’t escape injury free from a spectacular falling over on his powerisers, just in front of the stall being run by the ladies of Foxy Burlesque. Chris suggested that this was probably because he was “interested in the lovely ladies costumes”. As a result of the fall Cat’s knee has now got a zip shaped cut across it (zip off shorts and falling on your knees is not a good plan!).

We chilled for a bit in the shade as the fete got less busy and then we went to the pub where I bought everyone a VERY well deserved drink. Thanks to everyone who made it such a fun day. We will find out on Thursday if the fete made a profit over all (which will go to charity).

20th July 2010

By Cat Charlie

Quite a few faces turned up, some old and some new. One of the ukulele people turned up as well as one a lady who came with Wink.

Frag and Mr. K turned up at the same time time.

I monkeyed for Karina for some stealing, she's getting better, which is good.

Apparently it was a tiring Gladiator session as Jon kept on asking if it was pub time yet.

There was even a whole 3 matches in a row where nobody scored a single point.

After 10 minutes of "Is it time for the pub?" "No, One more, One more"

we eventually packed up to go to the pub, this time as it was still quite warm we sat in the bear garden behind the Prince Of Wales.

I think that is it.

13th July 2010

By Orinoco

It was a nice international evening as Desiree (Spain) brought along two of her friends, Czech Republic & Italy. All 3 have picked up various skills very quickly. I am assured that their presence has nothing to do with the relaxed attitude to poi that was in evidence this evening. I managed some very nice handstands to the point where it seriously affects my vision when I come down. Gladiators was hard fought, sweaty & seemed to go on forever. Simon picked up a couple of controversial points one from a delayed yoink & another from carrying on after catching a club that bounced off the floor. I was happy with the first but I don't know about the second. I'll see how the scores stand at the end of the year before I decide to disqualify him.

6th July 2010

By Orinoco

Kev is progressing well with his golf clubs. Chris started on the long path to completing Around Tunbridge Wells by trying penguin catches with the kendama. Laurence gave us a sneak preview of the next instalment of the Magiclub which was looking good. There were some very impressive strikes during gladiators where I had apparently forgotten rule #21 of an as yet undetermined list of arbitrary 'rules' for success at gladiators: There is *always* someone behind you.

29th June 2010

By Orinoco

I spent the first 15 minutes wondering whether I had done a Paul & got the wrong day. Kev was late after a job over run. Karina was totally asleep & took far too long to realise I was juggling her missing bouncing ball. There were lots of bare legs. Dave K really didn't believe me when I insisted that our 3 person steal was only a 4 club pattern, not that we were any good at it when I finally did convince him. Simon & Dave L shot lots of Magiclub footage, unfortunately Simon was wearing a yellow T shirt to match the colour of the special club so we may have some interesting disappearing club patterns.

22nd June 2010

By Laurence

Fairly busy night. Managed to get a few Magiclub™ shenanigans on camera this week. Special Magiclub™ edition gladiators: no casualties, some points. Simon is some 100 points ahead of me. This week like the last one lacked shamrockage. I think less droppy passing can be caught on camera.

Prince of Wales was shut once again so we went to the Guinea Butt. I thought I heard Jo reckon that 54% of jugglers she's met turned out to be mad. I for one am, but isn't everybody?

The camera is currently with Nicky & Jon who hopefully will produce some laughy, smiley, feel good clips for the video by next week.

15th June 2010

By Orinoco

It was nice to see lots of people again despite the adverse effect the Tunbridge Wells Ukelele Night Thing is having on some members stamina. Dave L & I had a very successful lefty righty tomahawk session, & managed to run PPSPPZS/PPZSPPS. Kevin was stil balancing golf clubs, but also riding his unicycle & Happy Gilmouring a juggling ball. Simon managed to scrape a win with 5 points to my 4 thanks to a successful yoink. Unfortunately he scrapes a win pretty much every week.

Note to everyone: Camcorders next week please!

8th June 2010

By Orinoco

Not sure where everyone came from but we were packed. Well I know Rob & Laura (not Louisa (not Laura) & not Laura (not Louisa (not Laura))) came from Hastings & Desiree came from Italy. Laurence requested a lesson in Irish Shamrocking from Simon & I. Nicky & Karina did lots of stealing. Nicky was also very worried when I bounced a club on the floor next to her bare feet. Kevin was balancing golf clubs in a T shape on his chin. Gladiators was particularly busy, so much so that I couldn't use my sense of hearing as much as I usually do & I was taken out from behind on several occasions. Still I managed to cut Simon's lead by all of one point.

1st June 2010

By Orinoco

It was my first TWJC since Bungay & it seems I had left all my skill back at the buttercup field. The MagiClub made an appearance but there were no cameras to capture its antics. Chris has started to learn how to juggle clubs while riding a unicycle. I showed Simon & Dave L the Irish Shamrock which proved confusing. Lots of money auspiciously flowed my way for Crawley Circus Festival tickets.

25th MAY 2010

By Kevin

Very quiet, Jon & Nicky at Bungay, lucky buggers.

Two new people, Graham who said he will bring some more people along and Roger who wants to learn 5 balls (aged 70). No gladiator points.

18th May 2010

By Orinoco

It was a nice busy night. I managed to catch pretty much everything that I threw, even a slip grip special with the kendama. Andy from Hastings popped in for a visit. Mr K paid a flying visit & was still recovering from a very successful bit of twuntage. Kevin brought along an old edition of King Pole magazine from 1997 which included a review of one of the circus shows I was in:

"this young 16 year old entertained us on his unicycle, followed by some excellent work with a diabolo. It was hard to believe that this was only his third professional appearance"

... probably because it wasn't. Much blood was drawn & bruises inflicted during gladiators.

11th May 2010

By Orinoco

Paul almost didn't make it because he thought it was Monday. Cazz wowed everyone with her hula hooping skills, & had a valiant attempt at trying to impart some of her knowledge. She talked about festivals we knew nothing about, we talked about festivals she knew nothing about. Another newbie from Haywards Heath (name anyone? I've already forgotten) was introduced to TWJC by being hit by a waywardly passed club while he was trying to learn how to snakeboard. Karina brought along some foam swords which were fun, I've always fancied having a go at proper fencing. I showed Nicky how to throw a suicide with the diabolo. During gladiators I had great fun making Chris & Jenny drop by running around them & constantly barking "RUN AWAY! QUICK! RUN!". Sadly this tactic did not work on Simon. The upcoming "pooetry night" has to go down as the best typo ever.

Star wars day 2010

By Cat Charlie

First off Happy Birthday Nix!

Jon revealed the secrets of the art of handstands to me, but I think that it will be quite a while before I master it.

Frag and Mr.K came down to say hi, and Frag got a point for entering gladiators.

Frag was pondering on how to remove all the hair from his vigorboard's wheels.

And Simon did quite badly during gladiators... due to not having his usual PX3s.

we also had a new guy come down who wanted to learn the basics. (Who was he Kev?)

27th April 2010

By Orinoco

Chris returned from his cycling adventure seemingly no worse for wear. Kevin's 5 club cascade is improving noticeably. I managed to pull off a slip grip special with the kendama in front of witnesses. A good level of skill was on display during gladiators with 2 successful yoinks being recorded & DaveL did well to make the final 2 while snakeboarding. The Prince of Wales was closed so we attended the Guinea Butt instead & it was deemed to be good.

20th April 2010

By Orinoco

Much discussion was had over a possible new logo. I brought in my collection of TWJC newsletters from our pre-internet saturated days allowing a lot of people to look at some glorious examples of early desktop publishing. Simon was tasked with trying to identify one of my favourite long lost fonts. Dave K & I managed a double spinning takeout plus a respectable run of 8 clubs which was very pleasing considering how little practise we've had recently. Simon cleaned up during gladiators again, I was smacked in the back from Paul & Kevin, on the head by Dave L & I caught a club to the face from Cat.

13th April 2010

By Orinoco

Both numbers & enthusiasm were high for the first TWJC meet after the British Juggling Convention, yet I was the only one who still had their convention pass. Louisa (not Laura) has started to learn the way of the Kendama. Jacob popped along for the first time after recently moving to the area, he seemed quite impressed & I think we will have another opportunity to scare him away. During gladiators I managed to rack up 10 points to claw back some of Simon's lead. Kevin seems to be getting a lot more feisty with his attacks.

6th April 2010

By MrK

Gladiators all the way tonight. Those present each scored well over 57 points. Those who were unfortunate enough to be absent doing something else (I forget what) will be most disappointed to find themselves way down the leader board.

30th March 2010

By Orinoco

Not sure what was going on but the Camden Centre was inexplicably closed when we first arrived, Kevin managed to let us all in after his nightmare drive back from London. We had a letter of bad news from the council telling us that our grant application has been unsuccessful :( Simon & Laura (not Louisa (not Laura)) made a welcome appearance. I was trounced by all & sundry during gladiators, Kevin was particularly pleased to take me out. Simon must be stopped.


23rd March 2010

By Orinoco

Shockingly Helen turned up. I did more talking than juggling for once. Chris & I talked about various businesses that could be amalgamated into the great British pub. Looks like a few people have heeded my advice to go see Traces in Brighton this weekend. Louisa (not Laura) picked up a surprise win during gladiators.

16th March 2010

By Chris

I was told to write the post, following the new 3 post rule. I was also informed that it need not be accurate.

Staffs made a rare, and welcome, appearance this evening. Kevin went around the hall, on his off-centered-wheeled unicycle, while juggling clubs. Jon spent the evening wearing a head camera. I still can't juggle 5 balls. Paul made some progress at Gladiators. Cat chased Bradley around the hall.

9th March 2010

By Orinoco

Cat explained the numbering system behind the Final Fantasy games. Paul kept talking about rubbing the horn whenever a unicorn entered the room. Dave L liked my 504 with the 4s as reverse spins. Kevin raved about a Bulgarian juggler & slack rope walker currently performing with John Lawson's circus. Paul has grasped the fact that speed is the key to gladiators. Various people kept moving my score pad & hiding my pen. Dave L managed to take out every single competitor in one game, & so is the first person to perform a clean sweep since records began.

2nd March 2010

By Orinoco

Kevin's 5 club pattern & Chris' 5 ball cascade are both starting to look presentable. Karina performed a fantastic comedy skip under a high diabolo throw followed by a hasty RUNAWAY the moment she realised she had no time to make the catch. Nicky complained about being cold. Bradley set a record for the number of failed attempts at a handstand in a minute. During gladiators Karina was in my way regardless of where I was in the hall, then she knocked me over. Despite that I still managed to retake my rightful spot at the top of the leaderboard.

23rd February 2010

By Orinoco

I was saddened by the lack of a batman costume. Nicky played with Kev's 24 inch wheel. Nemony admitted to being an evil poivert. I dropped lots. There was lots of talk about this years conventions which are now no longer a distant dream, yay! Dave L creamed everyone in gladiators. I don't think it will be long until Kevin starts to play in full American football kit, even though it was he who socked me on the jaw pretty hard.

16th February 2010

By Cat Charlie

Paul cooked pancakes.

9th February 2010

By Orinoco

Dave L. (The TWJC Ambassador) returned from Canada this evening to tell us about Canadian tram safety. Cat had a pair of leg weights which made getting up into a handstand really difficult. Kevin's offcentre unicycle was an interesting ride. Kelvin (not Kevin) is progressing very well with 5 balls & it turns out is already a dab hand on a unicycle too. I had a Neo moment while passing with Mr K to avoid a wildly kicked club. My cat like reflexes surfaced again during gladiators as I caught another wildly kicked club to briefly go into four clubs synch. During the games Dave K. covered enormous distances, Chris seemed to drop after one throw quite a bit.

2nd February 2010

By Orinoco

It was nice to see three new faces from Brighton. I got very confused passing with James, it's been ages since I've done any 4 count. Nicky & I had a very cautious acro session which was my first since I hurt my back at the Kevention last year. Everything we tried worked but was very shaky, & there was a lot of confusion along the lines of, "you never used to do it like that...". Simon was on form during gladiators picking up 8 wins. Cat has learned that being sneaky is often more effective than being aggressive. Paul & Kevin picked up points simply for being the last man standing. Point allocation for the experimental devil stick gladiator session that followed was less clear.

26th January 2010

By LouisanotLaura

There were some different faces tonight with John. It was nice to see some Poi activity. Kevin gave a quick unicycle lesson to Chris and new bloke - is it Kelvin (I not good at remembering names) There was a short game of Gladiators at Bradley's request. Bit of a quiet time in the pub, only Cat, Simon, Kevin, Karina, Chris and me.

19th January 2010

By Orinoco

Kelvin (not Kevin) joined us for the first time for some help with learning five balls. Mr K joined me for a bit of a steal & a bit of a pass, thankfully we are still every bit as good as we always were. There was a lot of talk about morse code. Chris managed to unicycle the length of the hall for the first time. I managed to pick up a number of flesh wounds during gladiators this evening. Mr K scored a point then disappeared to the pub, a true pro.

12th January 2010

By Orinoco

It was nice to be back for my first TWJC of the new year. My five clubs seemed unusually solid after such a long break & some of my four club stuff felt better. Chris was making good progress on his unicycle, & not just progressing into the wall either. Nicky still remembers how to pass but has forgotten how to not say sorry. Young Bradley brought along quite a haul of new juggling kit, I particularly liked the solid feel of his new Mr Babache devil stick. I was rendered traumatised at the thought of changing my name.

The TWJC Three Club Gladiators Leaderboard 2010 is up & running (the 2009 leaderboard is still there too) & Simon has immediately carried on from where he left off. Kevin picked up a point for dodging his head out of the way of a wildly kicked club (no idea where that came from), & I was really gutted about missing out on a bonus point when my stunning aerial attack (climbing up a chair & leaping at Dave L) ended in failure. We will be instigating the bonus points for taking out the current leader as from next week.

5th January 2010 First Juggling Club of 2010!

By Cat Charlie

Well to say that we started with a quiet start of the year is an understatement! There was a total of nine people who attended!

Kevin, Chris, Bradley, Mr. K, Frag, Beth, Alice, Jenny and Me.

and it seams that after the hollidays nost people were a little rusty (I know I was).

Kevin is determined to have a year of good health, Chris was determined to get passed the purple line (A third of the way across the hall *Roughtly*)on his unicycle and Alice was determined to have a go on everything! She even gave my Powerrisers a walking around the hall, and afterwards i had a go on them before putting them back into hibernation *lol*.

Alice Regained her balance on the walking globe after quite a while of no practice, and I carried frag on my back down the length of the hall on my powerrieser!

by the time we went to the pub it had started snowing, Beth and Jo threw some snowballs around out side and Maria took some pictures of the Foregin Dog and Office Duck in the snow. Karina managed to make it to T Wells and back to crowborough in the snow.

all in all a quiet but enjoyable night, although we do hope that it gets a bit more active next week.