Around Tunbridge Wells

No idea what this is all about? Check out the British Kendama Association.

In the world of the kendama there are a number of "Around the something or other" tricks, which involve the ball doing a sequence of tricks in order.

The Void told me about Around the USA at Bungay, which I was very pleased to land after surprisingly few attempts. I showed off the trick at TWJC recently & it was generally judged to be quite ridiculous. However, I think we can get more ridiculous.

So lets start with a simple list of moves:

Then using my trusty Combination Generator we can generate a list of combinations from every location to every location. After a bit of trimming of all the same location to same location throws & sticking in some earth turns to round off each section I now present Around Tunbridge Wells! A mere 57 move sequence guaranteed to give your wrist a phenomenal workout. Can I do this trick? Of course not! After an hour & a half worth of trying I've managed to complete each section individually apart from the earth turns, but the furthest I've got through the whole list is to the spike in the Small Cups stage before missing the earth turn.

Hall of Fame

It took a while but this trick has fallen:

  1. Dave Peach 2011-11-01 Around Tunbridge Wells
  2. Sam Bradley 2012-11-08 Around Tunbridge Wells
  3. Joe Showers 2012-12-26 Around Tunbridge Wells
  4. Thomas Lowry 2013-01-09 Around Tunbridge Wells
  5. Brandon Meyer 2013-01-23 Around Tunbridge Wells
  6. The Void 2013-03-12 Around Tunbridge Wells
  7. Austin McDowell 2013-05-31 Around Tunbridge Wells
  8. George Marshall 2013-06-16 Around Tunbridge Wells
  9. Kris Whyte 2013-11-01 Around Tunbridge Wells
  10. Xopo Daniel 2013-12-17 Around Tunbridge Wells
  11. Jack Hogg 2014-01-21 Around Tunbridge Wells
  12. Luke Ford 2014-01-31 Around Tunbridge Wells with reverse whirlwinds!!!
  13. Bonzatron 2014-03-12 Around TurnBird Wells!!! (this is getting silly now)
  14. Marshall Covert 2014-04-05 Around Tunbridge Wells
  15. Jerick Nomura 2014-07-16 Around Tunbridge Wells
  16. Justin Kim 2015-02-25 Around Tunbridge Wells
  17. Jacob Trebil 2016-02-23 Around Tunbridge Wells with Quad Gunslingers (via Sweets Kendamas)
  18. Buster Black 2016-09-09 Around Tunbridge Wells
  19. Klaus van Stegen 2016-10-19 Around Tunbridge Wells
  20. Louke Hernandez 2016-10-24 Around Tunbridge Wells
  21. Kevin "Sigvard" Hoffmann 2017-03-22 Around Tunbridge Wells

The Czech Kendama Association are also using Around Tunbridge Wells as the top achievement in their traveler challenge. The purpose of the CKA challenges is to increase the skill level of players in the Czech Republic.

The trick itself

Start by holding your Kendama in a Ken grip with the ball hanging down, then work your way through the list, & remember...

"It's all about hole control" - Matt Hall

The Big Cups

The Small Cups

The Base Cups

The Penguin Base Cups

The Spikes

This section is the same as Around the Cosmos but with the extra penguin catch & without the body catch

The Earth Turns

This section is the same as Around the USA but with the extra penguin catch

If you got this far you rock!