TWJC Diary 2011

26th July 2011

By Orinoco

Jenny, Jenny where are you? You're supposed to be writing this diary entry!

We had several newbies all of whom did very well with the often wildly contradictory advice from Kevin & I. I learnt how to write 'large field' in Japanese. Kev was practising with his multi piece plate spinning stick made from bits of tent pole. I let him get it all the way up there (paging MrK) & just onto his chin before tickling him. Simon & I tried throwing triple backcross passes in 7 club 2 count which sometimes worked. The self doubles in 7 club 3 count need work though. Jenny had a phenomenal bout of hiccups. Paul has wisened up about kicking the walking globe.

19th July 2011

By Orinoco

Kev pulled a Bird for the first time. Sorry pulled off a Bird... er.. with the kendama. I managed several of my best runs with 7 balls. Sarah popped in for a first juggle & made excellent progress. Kev told me that she was most impressed to hear that we go to the pub afterwards, so she'll fit in fine. Gustav was doing infinite suicides with a rock instead of a handstick tied to the end of the string. I gave him a wide birth. I was really chuffed to pull off a pirouette under 2 triples in 7 club 2 count, until Simon showed me that it is a lot easier under 1 triple.

16 days to Crawley.

12th July 2011

By Cat Charlie

Wheels! Just loads of wheels!

Karina, Emily, Simon and me went around on Rollerblades for a while, I even attempted gladiators on them, needless to say i didn't win.

Other than that I think it was quite quiet, just the normal juggling from the usual people...

5th July 2011

By Orinoco

I think there was probably some juggling. There was definitely gladiators, while waiting for a game to finish Simon had to do a quick bit of kung fu to avoid taking a club to the face after a Cat attack.


28th June 2011

By Orinoco

Kev kept a close tally of those wearing shorts for the evening. I showed Luke & David how to do mills mess, turns out I can barely do penguin mills anymore though :( The twins were joined by their friend Mike for the evening who I thought did very well on the snakeboard. I spent much of the evening cat herding for the upcoming Crawley festival. Up the pub I aired my proposal for 'riot theme parks' as a solution to the various crises going on at the moment as a way to alleviate people's inner desire to riot. This can be seen as an intermediate step allowing people to indulge their instinct to throw stuff before channeling it into something productive like learning to juggle.

21st June 2011

By Orinoco

Newbies David & Luke made it back for a second night, Laurence taught them how to pass. I enjoyed the music this week for the epic guitar solos from the mighty Iron Maiden. I think Simon disliked it for the same reason. I was very pleased to get a qualifying run of 4 clubs with a balance & some nice runs with 7 balls. We had a session of gladiators which most people remembered how to play. Kev took us on a magical mystery tour to get to the Royal Oak.

14th June

By Cat Charlie

it seamed very quite after last weeks brownie invasion, although we did have two new people, although they wont be able to make it every Tuesday.

Karina skated around on roller blades for a bit before going on the powerrisers.

And after club we went to sit in the garden of the Prince Of Wales.

That all I can remember from last week... Anyone else remember any more?

Still very low on numbers... We need more members.

7th June 2011

By Orinoco

A lot of us walked into the hall & were overwhelmed by the sheer number of Brownies running around & throwing stuff. Well done to Kevin & Cat who gave up their time to set up early & teach on behalf of the club. Dave L & I had a droppy ultimates session, although I did come up with a nice easy way to switch between synch & asynch. Later Simon joined us for a concerted effort to master the 3 person popcorn pattern that I have been trying to instigate for a while. We also had a good go at a 10 club running feed.

31st May 2011

By Orinoco

Gustav made excellent progress on the unicycle & managed to cycle the length of the hall several times. Simon D brought in a beach ball which while flat was worn as a hat. Simon & I had many many near misses & the odd successful 5 club steal. A bit later we did some passing with some nice runs of 7 ultimates on singles & 7 club 3 count on doubles. I then proceeded to teach Simon how to do a popcorn pattern which he really wasn't getting. Then I realised that I was explaining it wrong & explained the pattern correctly, after which he managed a mammoth run first time. After juggling we investigated the Crystal Palace pub which I quite liked because of the two big fluffy doggies. I think Simon disliked it for the same reason.

24th May 2011

By Orinoco

A pretty quiet night. Kev was at the Chelsea Flower Show. At one point the hall looked like an internet cafe with a number of groups of people crowded round various laptops. I tried to remember how to pass 4 count with Laurence. I had some nice runs of 8 & some interesting attempts at 9 with Simon. Once again I have failed to not volunteer to sort out everybody's tickets for Crawley. I rock at World of Goo.

17th May 2011

By Cat Charlie

The was a resonable amount of Kendama tonight, with Kevin, Simon, Jon and Me all having a go through out the evening, I managed to do 'the bird' and 'the bat' without knees.

Kevin said that he wont be there next week (24th) because he will be at the Chelsea Flower show.

Jon had received an E-mail from a guy in Canada asking if they could use his Kendama trick generator to work out stuff to do with Damns and water pressure and things, Nothing to do with Knedamas though...?

11th May 2011

By Orinoco

Simon was throwing (6,4x)* with clubs this week. Other Simon came along to play with all the new toys he picked up at the BJC. Dave L & I had an enjoyable tomahawk heavy passing session before finishing with some nice runs of 8 clubs. Freddy & Peter did some nice grinds with the hand stick inside the bell of the diabolo. Laurence is turning into a numbers nerd with strong progress with 5 clubs & 7 balls (are they still considered "numbers" these days??).

3rd May 2011

By Orinoco

Kev brought in his copies of the new kendama books Spike & Knees one of which features the awesome Around Tunbridge Wells. Cat was working his way through the first book seeing how far he could get without using his knees. Kev's 5 clubs is starting to take shape, Simon was having a very respectable stab at (6x,4)* with clubs too. Dave L showed me some footage he filmed at the BJC including a guy catching knives as they flew out of a board attached to his van.

26th April 2011

By Orinoco

Kevin was proudly sporting his glow in the dark alien t-shirt from BJC 2011. I spent most of the evening catching up on what I missed. By most accounts the Kendama open went down very well. Charlie Dancey's wine bottle opening volunteer sounded like a good highlight. Nicky & I had a mostly successful passing session, although I did have to stop & try to remember how our 54321 count goes. I also had a pass with Chris & started him off with throwing doubles in 3 count which went pretty well. Sadly though Chris is moving to the Northern wastelands (well North of me at least) so won't be popping in so often. The crank fell off Nicky's Pink Lady.

19th April 2011 (BJC Edition)

By Cat Charlie

The hall was really busy, while the entry fee was dropped for the night, you had to have an Alien pass to get in to the hall.

J-Simon and I went on a 4 wheeled Vigor board, which proved to be faster and more maneuverable than it's 2 wheeled brethren. Simon managed to hurt his elbow when he came off of it at high speeds.

Karina was in the balloon jam room making teddy bears, flower bracelets and weebles, I joined in but couldn't get the weeble to stay upright, but I made an origami llama instead. Kev came second in one of the balloon competitions with a balloon called "Susan".

Kev pegged Simon but George soon found it.

Chunk's challenge for the week is to not drink a non alcoholic drink for the whole of BJC, he was also sentenced to drink a 2l bottle of something (can't remember what it was but it was green, not absinthe though).

Mr. Leech and J-Si was doing some 9 club passing.

Karina Attempted to do my new Levi Stick, and managed to throw it across the hall several times.

Simon and Mr. Leech rounded up some people for some gladiators, which ended up finishing 2 and a quarter hours latter, I managed to play every match, Chunk, Bungle, Palmer Jack, Wes Peden and others joined in for a few rounds (Simon took out Wes which he was quite proud about). after one bloody nose and a bruised wrist gladiators finished. I ached for a while after, as well as having shaking legs and throbbing arms.

12th April 2011

By Cat Charlie

The hall was quite busy, but there wasn't too many kids running around.

We juggled, we dropped, we went to the pub.

Karina, Kev, Jenny and I went to the Prince of Wales every one else went home or to spoons.

12th April 2011

By Laurence

It was good to see some faces that hadn't been around for a while.

Simon and Jon tried a sideways 5 club exchange, a lot. So much that I think Jon didn't do any handstands. That said I was doing so many handstands and doing so well with 5 clubs I forgot to check what anybody else was up to really.

Easter holidays at the moment so lots of kids this week, mostly of the smaller variety. I didn't find it a problem as they seemed under close (enough) supervision by their parents.

There was a pub splinter group who refused to do 'spoons and hung out at the POW instead.

5th April 2011

By Orinoco

Dodging in between the increasingly mobile kids is becoming more hazardous. I managed to pull off a very studly double tomeken (pull up to spike, one kendama in each hand). Louisa (not Laura) has obviously been practicing with her kendama as she was pulling off tricks far more consistently than I remember the last time I saw her. It was nice to see Rob & Laura (not Louisa (not Laura)) visit us again from Hastings, of course they only come to use our nice bouncing floor. I was quite pleased with my first attempt at bounce passing with Rob, we started with 8 (obviously) synch ultimates which was not as catastrophic as it theoretically should have been & also had some good runs of 7 ultimates as well. I still can't get the hang of looking down though. Simon appears to have confused us with the LA Fitness Centre next door & is pressing on with his get fit quick regime. As part of this a good hand stand session broke out prompting my usual "don't dive at the floor" comments to the few people I haven't managed to drill it into yet.

29th March 2011

By Orinoco

Ben was impressing people with his skateboarding skills, turns out Simon is pretty nifty too. I had my first stab at skateboarding & struggled with the fact that moving my toes in & out didn't make me go anywhere. Laurence's 7 ball cascade was looking very nice indeed. The headband, not so much. Dave K vented about the extortionate parking charges at Euro Disney.

15th March 2011

By Orinoco

I tried to juggle for a bit, was rubbish so gave up. Had a bit of a pass with the Dave's, was rubbish so gave up. Bradley was riding the vigorboard over a hula hoop by stepping each wheel in turn over the rim of the hoop which I thought was quite impressive. We called it a night & went to the pub which turned into a Tunbridge Wells neighbourhood watch/vigilante meeting.

8th March

By Kevin

Not very busy again, only eight attendees.

Tattoo Dan came along with another one of his bikes, long and low. Almost everyone had a go. Cat had to remove part of his trousers so they wouldn't get caught in the chain.

I was still practising my Kendama ready for the BJC.

1st March 2011

By Kevin

Hooray its March. Soon be Summer.

Lots of small foil wrapped chocolates were eaten. Lots of kids of all ages on all things with wheels, annoying kids Frisbee throwing (they wont next week as they will be hidden).

An assortment of juggling by nearly everyone. Simon skipped a bit.

Dan came along with his BIG bike again and Louisa, not Louisa not Laura, turned up 1/2 hour before the end and did a bit of hooping.

22nd February 2011

By Orinoco

I believe this is the first time we have hit the 3 womble rule with something that isn't a womble.

It has been an age since I managed to get down to TWJC so it was really nice to get down for a juggle. Thanks to half term the hall was really busy with lots of kids, plus there were lots of the old guard there too. Simon is growing his ponytail back. A newbie who Dave L described as, "The Tunbridge Wells welding tattoo artist" rode around on his marvelous giraffe bike which he constructed himself by welding two bike frames, one on top of the other. Chris absorbed an impressive amount of verbal abuse as I started him on the road to picking up while passing.

8th and 15th feb

By Cat Charlie

The rollerblades were out again both nights, Simon brought his pair down to put in the cupboard.

Both nights were quite quiet, though we had a new girl on the 15th (can't remember her name though), she wants to get better at hulahooping.

We need more people to turn up so things can (hopefully) be more interesting for the diary entries! Also 3 Womble rule!

1st Feb 2011

By Cat Charlie

Apparently tonight was Juggling on wheels.

As Laurence was practicing Idling on the unicycle, Kev was juggling on the unicycle, Simon, the kids and I were tearing around on roller skates (which Mr Leech participated in as well for a bit) and a bit of Hockey was played (on roller blades and vigor boards).

Simon and Mr Leech did some 8 club (I think?) passing that was recorded in slow-mo.

In the pub there was much talk of past and future BJCs and this years Crawley convention.

Laurence took pictures of the table to satisfy his furniture fetish.

and the contents of Mr Leech's bag was as follows:

Dr Who note pad

Red necklace

2 pairs of swimming goggles

a tortoise in a bouncy ball

mini sowing kit

3 balloon lights

and a multi-coloured pencil (like this but all in one pencil)

January 25th

By Cat Charlie

there was people, most of them juggled...

I sorted out the cupboard a bit...

It was a long time ago...

In 5 hours the next club night will start.

18h January 2011

By Orinoco

I turned up! Woohoo! Good grief did the lack of practise show. Although I did manage to flick up a 50p coin from my foot & catch it as a monocle on the 4th attempt. Cinquevelli would be proud. Less so if he saw the number of unsuccessful attempts I made trying to repeat the feat. Cat has had his hair cut. Natalie flailed around on the snakeboard. Boyfriend Chris (hers, not mine) felt the need to take photos of her in this dignified state. Local sleb Dave K blessed us with his presence.

11th January

By Kevin

A quiet evening, another loss. Nothing really happened

First Juggle of 2011!

By Cat Charlie

Kev has made a new rule for the club.

No (more) bouncy balls!

I can't think why?

apart from that it was a very quiet one, Kev, Simon, Laurence, Mr. K, Nix (briefly), Karina, a couple of the kids and Me.


the fee might be going up to 3 a night... but no membership fees.

Hopefully next week will be more lively!