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1 ball pirouettes

This is a good game to play as it doesn't really require anyone to actually be any good at juggling to take part. The game is played in rounds. Everyone takes one ball, throws it up in the air and turns a full pirouette before catching it again, if you drop you're out. With each round everyone has to do one more pirouette until there is only one person left.

3 ball gladiators

Everybody Juggles three balls, the last person left juggling wins. The game usually starts with all players standing in a circle, then after a countdown the game begins.

Stealing. Throw two balls straight up one after the other then snatch a ball out of your opponent's pattern to go into a four ball pattern. Aside from looking cool you also have the advantage of holding an extra ball which you can use to throw into someone else's pattern.

Two in one hand tactics. Sidle up to an opponent, go into a Two in one hand juggle then:

5 ball endurance

Everyone has to juggle 5 balls for as long as they can. As with many endurance games after a while players will end up being asked to do other things like:

7 ball endurance

Same as the 5 ball endurance except no one lasts long enough to start standing on one leg...

Juggle Juggle Revolution

Juggle Juggle Revolution is Dance Dance Revolution for jugglers, take three balls stand in front of your computer screen & try to pull off the moves generated by your computer. For more information read the Juggle Juggle Revolution Instructions.

Red Ball

Many thanks to Kevin Gerard of the Lowell Area Juggling Club meeting in Lowell, Michigan, USA who sent me an email about his club's favourite ball game which they call "Red Ball" although I'm sure it works with other colours as well.

All players stand in a circle holding two balls of any color except red. One person has the "red ball" That person begins juggling (they must juggle at least one rotation) and then passes the red ball at any time to any player they want. That player it turn catches the ball into a juggle and repeats the same process as the first person. If the person with the red ball drops ANY ball while they are juggling they are out. Also, if any player misses the red ball when it is tossed to them, (unless the group determines they couldn't have possibily caught it) they are out. The last person in wins.


Multiple Red Balls

Players that are out can steal the red ball to get back in.

Player juggle 3 balls and juggle 4 when the red ball is thrown to them (or even more balls as skill level always).