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Many of these games require skills that can be learnt from these Diabolo Tutorials.

Diabolo chuck & run

Throw the diabolo as high & far as possible, then sprint after it to catch it. The person that covers the greatest distance wins.

Diabolo high toss

The aim of the game is simply to Throw the diabolo as high as possible, highest throw wins. This game is usually played in rounds, if a person misses a catch they're out, when it comes down to the last few the audience vote on whose diabolo soared the highest. Good throw technique is essential here, combine arm, body & leg movement into one burst of a throw. I've never found jumping useful.

Diabolo in the bucket

One person stands holding a bucket on top of their head while diaboloists form a line or a circle around him or her. The object of the game is for the diaboloists to throw their diabolo into the bucket. Officially the first person to succeed wins. Unofficially the winner of this game is everyone who isn't holding the bucket!

For added amusement fill the bucket with water.

Handstick Pairs Balancing Endurance

Not really a diabolo game as such, you only need a pair of handsticks. You play in pairs & each of you balance one handstick each on your chin/nose/forehead. This is phenomenally difficult. Obviously a long string is best with the sticks balanced tip up.

Diabolo nose push

A race where everyone pushes the diabolo across the ground using their nose. Just plain daft really.

Long distance passing

Just like the club event, passing couples form two lines side by side a set distance apart. The diabolo has to be successfully thrown & caught for the pair to go onto the next round. Each round sees the couples moving further & further apart until there is only one pair left.