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Everyone rides their unicycle & the last one left pedaling wins. The most common deunicycling techniques are pushing & grappling. When pushing try to ride up behind someone quietly so they don't know it's coming. A good push from the side is almost unrecoverable. Pushing from behind can easily be countered by a few quick pedals (pull out their saddle instead!). If you try pushing from the front you'll most likely end up in a grapple. A grapple in uni gladiators is where two unicyclists have hold of each other's hands & each struggles to gain an advantage. Trying to push the other unicyclist off won't really help, if they fall off backwards their uni will fall straight under your wheel. If you have big hands & superior strength transfer both of your opponent's hands into one then either pull out their saddle or ride behind them carrying their hands over their head.

More satisfying ways of getting people off include:


Two unicyclists charge at each other armed with a sponge covered lance & a dustbin lid & try to knock each other off. This is a game where you have to be very careful with where you put your lance, most importantly so as not to injure your opponent. Secondly try to make sure that after you clash your lance passes your opponent on the same side as you will. If your lance slips to the opposite side that you are going to pass on you may have to turn awkwardly to avoid falling off.

Similarly with your shield try to guide your opponent's lance out to the opposite side to force them to rescue their balance.

Musical Unicycles

Just like musical chairs but with unicycles. Everyone sticks their unicycles in the middle of the play area then everyone wanders round the outside until the music stops. With each round a unicycle is taken away. If you fail to get on one or fall off the one you do grab then you're out.

This game gets intersting when the pool of unicycles, contains giraffes, kangaroos, ultimate wheels or other out of the ordinary unicycles that are difficult to ride.


Yep, simple racing. This is always fun because there is always a crash! Obviously bigger wheeled unis can go a lot faster than smaller ones so they are often penalised by being made to start later.