Juggle Juggle Revolution Instructions

What is it?

Juggle Juggle Revolution is the juggling equivalent of the popular arcade game Dance Dance Revolution. Take 3 balls, stand in front of your computer & just follow the on screen instructions.

The interface for the game is a bog standard html webpage & the game is scripted entirely in javascript, so all you will need is a javascript enabled browser to play. The only control you need is the keyboard, press any key to generate a new trick.

Note: Be aware that some browsers have keyboard shortcuts that may produce unexpected results! For example don't use the 'F5' key.

Ways to play


Run through the tricks until you drop, when you do game over. Harsh? Well that's life.

An extension to this game is Less Attempts, for every unsuccessful attempt at any given trick, subtract 1 from your score.


Player 1 tries trick 1, player 2 tries trick 2. Keep going until one of you misses a trick, when that happens: 15 - love.


Select 'Hard Random' & start generating the tricks. Each player can have as many attempts at each move as they like, the first to get it gains a point. If both players get it first go then no points are awarded.

Difficulty Levels

In the top right hand corner of the screen is a drop down menu where you can select one of six difficulty levels:

The 'Easy' levels will only generate tricks which involve throwing & catching one ball.

The 'Medium' levels will generate the easy one ball tricks plus 2 ball duplex tricks (throwing two balls at the same time from one hand).

The 'Hard' levels will generate the easy & medium tricks plus exchange tricks of the form throw ball 1 this way, throw ball 2 this way etc.

The 'Progressive' levels will start off really easy & get progressively harder involving a wider range of throw types & catch positions. The Random levels will generate a random trick involving all the possible ways to throw & catch the balls from the outset.

How many different tricks are there?

Over the three difficulty levels there are 5950 possible moves. Each combining a number of component parts listed in the Juggle Juggle Revolution List of Moves.

This number is made up of 420 'easy' moves which involve throwing & catching 1 ball. This will range from something as easy as "throw 1 ball, catch it in your left hand" to "throw 1 ball behind the back under the opposite arm, do a pirouette, catch it with your left hand behind your head" (so not all that easy really).

There are also 630 'medium' moves which take the form of 2 ball multiplex throws such as "throw a duplex under the left leg, catch one ball with your left hand below knee height" or "throw a duplex behind the back over the right shoulder, catch both balls under the left leg".

Then on top of that there are 4900 2 ball exchange moves, eg. "throw ball 1 behind the back under the opposite arm, throw ball 2 behind the back over the left shoulder, catch ball 1 behind the back under the opposite arm, catch ball 2 behind the head".

Can I look 'behind the scenes'?

Of course. The functions that generate the tricks & write them to the page are located in the Main script file, all the text is stored in the arrays file.

Play the game