Tunbridge Wells Winter Street Festival 1999

The Tunbridge Wells Winter Festival brings street entertainment to the town & provides a great escape from the aftermath of Christmas.

Despite a lack of jugglers there was a whole host of interesting characters on offer. During the 2 days out of 4 for which I was in attendance I was impressed by stunning acrobatics, acrobalance, hat juggling & energetic dance from the Black Eagles. I watched the courting & mating rituals of 2 giant tortoise courtesy of Electric Chairs for Teddy Bears, I was almost mowed down by the superb smoking automobile that could've come straight from The Munsters, sadly though I don't know the name of the driver. The same character also appeared on stilts & had an amusing encounter with the surreal creature created by Boa Yoa. Mike Martins entertained with his escapology & witty banter, a true street act.

The Explorers were on hand to claim the Town for the empire whilst continuing their search for Lord Oates, every now & then they'd stop & discuss such things like whether it was really necessary to start dragging the sleds from central London. The highly skilled stilt walkers Pearshaped were back again this year & were a lot of fun. The sight of the 4 furry cossacks & the group of horned aliens spontaneously breaking into dance was superb. The band that got them all moving was The Carnival Collective also back for another year. These people drew a huge crowd in weather conditions that few would even bother performing in. If you get the chance you must experience the Collective live, check out The Carnival Collective Homepage for details.

The festival was finished off with a grand procession featuring most of the performers & costumes from Mahogany & lanterns from Red Earth. TWJC members Kim & Bryn were there in towering bird costumes made by local children during the day. down Mount Pleasant to a spectacular firework display in the Calverly Grounds.

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